Sadashiv N. Kavi :

Non-executive & Independent Director

Sadashiv N. Kavi (DIN 05134904) is a Post Graduation Bachelor of Civil Engineering in Structural Engineering, F.I.E – Fellow of Institution of Engineers, F.I.I.B.E – Fellow of Indian Institution of Bridge Engineers, M.I.R.C – Member of Indian Road Congress, I.S.S.E – Member of Society of Structural Engineer & F.I.V – fellow of Indian Valuers. Having experience of more than 50 years in above refer areas.

Tejas Deshpande :

Non-executive & Independent Director

Tejas Deshpande (DIN – 01942507) is a Graduated from I.L.S. Law College, Pune, and been practicing last 15 years. Specializing in the field of real estate, infrastructure and company law related cases. Predominantly, have a litigation practice, in various courts with focus on High Court, Mumbai and Supreme Court of India.

Lalna Takekar :

Non Executive Non - Independent Director

LalnaTakekar (DIN – 08111805) is a B.Com graduate and has experience in Administration.