The company believes that environmental protection can be achieved by preventing its degradation. Each time the inputs required for the industry like raw materials and fuels are utilized, the environment gets degraded by a fraction.

Simple way to address this issue is to optimize the use of raw materials and prevent their wastages to the maximum extent by improving and auditing the construction processes at Corporate and Project levels. Some of the areas where the management keeps an keen eye and is pro-active towards optimisation are :-

ELECTRICITY - Electricity is optimised by using equipment only of the required capacity.

FUEL - Fuel economy is achieved due to a younger fleet of equipment which are energy efficient and also avoiding generation of power wherever local electricity is available thereby avoiding inefficiency due to mismatch of connected loads. When required generators of required ratings are being used to save on fuel

CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS - The company continuously monitors use of primary raw materials like cement, steel, bitumen, aggregates etc as the resulting savings from above directly add to the protection of environment these being non renewable raw material sources.

AIR POLLUTON - The company has a policy of selecting the engines to meet the latest emission norms and this is being implemented while purchasing the equipments. It will be very rare to see a smoke emitting equipment at any of the Valecha’s project site.

ENERGY AUDIT - The company plans to start energy audit at its Corporate office and project sites shortly.