Building Assets For the People! For the Nation!

"Valecha Engineering Limited is dedicated to provide superior construction services by consistently improving the quality of our product, to add value for our clients through innovation, foresight, integrity & aggressive performance. We are dedicated to providing our staff an environment which promotes creative innovation and proactive team work with continued opportunity for personal growth. Our commitment to this mission will allow Valecha Engineering Limited to create maximum value for all customers, owners, employees and the nation."

The company's strength lies in its traditional but unorthodox approach to Civil Engineering Construction i.e. while preserving the traditional values of quality and reliability, the company has chosen to invest in most modern technology present as of date in the fields of civil constructions.

At Valecha Engineering, we believe our construction activities affect the lives of many people, not only their well being, but also in terms of livelihood and socio-environmental issues. As we usher in a change for the better in these areas, we also look at addressing these issues and creating opportunities for the people living in such areas.