Outcome of 45th AGM

NCLT Order dated 21.10.2022

Postponement / Re-Scheduling of the 45th AGM

Intimation of the Extension of the 45th AGM and Book Closure

Book closure for 45th AGM

Notice of 45th AGM

Outcome of 44th AGM

News paper publication of 44th AGM Notice

Notice of 44th AGM

Book closure for 44th AGM

E Voting Results and Scrutinizers Report of 43rd AGM

News paper publication of 43rd AGM Notice

Proceedings of 43rd AGM

Announcement bags order worth Rs. 3576.30 Lakh

Announcement bags order worth Rs. 100,20,76,789

Annoucement Strike lockout

Announcement Appointment of Director

Announcement under regulation 30 of LODR regulations

Book closure for 42nd AGM

Book closureof 40th AGM

Outcome of 40th AGM

Outcome of 41st AGM

Outcome of 42nd AGM

Outcome of B.M for scheme of arrangemets

Projest bagged worth Rs. 131.86 crore

Publishing of Notice of 39th AGM

Reg 24(a) Annual Compliance report

Projest bagged worth Rs.41.34 crore 

Projest bagged worth Rs.112.30 crore 

Resignation of Director 19.11.2019

Resignation of Director 05.10.2019

Meeting Update 29.07.2019

Meeting Update 07.05.2019

Intimation of Resolution by circulation passed by the Board of Directors

Newspaper Publications